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Waterfall Treks

Mala Noche Waterfall  -   For the novice trekker, this waterfall  is an hour's hike over flat paths. The falls are engulfed by lush green trees and plants and the pools are great to take a cooling dip on a hot day. During the dry season, the pools are clear and the falls run till March. Bring your camera, swimsuit, and a yearning to chill out.
$25 per person (easy)

Hiking Trek to the Waterfall

Arcos de Nosara  -   This is one tough trek!  I mean this trek is an all day sucker.  We drive an hour to the trailhead, park the 4x4, and start the two hour trek up the river. The first part is on a rough horse path and the last part is bouldering up and down the rock banks. We are rewarded by the sight of a multiple cascade system with a 25 foot jump into a deep lagoon. A picnic lunch and a rest period ends the two hour romp in the swimming hole and a two hour trek back to the trailhead brings us to the truck and a cold Imperial beer to refresh us. The trek can be turned into an overnighter if you want.
$50 per person (difficult)

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